How to Arm Your Security System

Before your system can be armed, all protected doors, windows and other protection zones must be closed or bypassed (see BYPASSING PROTECTION ZONES section), The READY key can be used to display all faulted zones, making it easier for you to secure any open zone. To display faulted zones, simply press and release the READY key (do not enter code first). Secure or bypass the zones displayed before arming the system. A “Ready” message will be displayed when all protection zones have been either closed or bypassed and the keypad’s READY indicator light (if present) will be lit.

To arm the system enter your 4 digit code followed by one of the following numbers

2 AWAY KEY: Arms the entire burglary system, perimeter and interior.

3 STAY KEY: Arms perimeter portion of burglary system only. Interior protection is not armed, which allows movement within premises without causing alarm.

4 MAXIMUM KEY: Arms in manner similar to AWAY mode, but without the entry delay feature, thus providing maximum protection. An alarm will occur immediately upon opening any protection point, including the entry/exit door.

7 INSTANT KEY: Arms in manner similar to STAY mode, but without the entry delay feature. Entering via the entry/exit door will cause an instant alarm.

How to Bypass a Zone

When bypassing zones:

  • The system must be disarmed before you can bypass zones.
  • Bypassed zones are unprotected and will not cause an alarm if violated.
  • The system will not allow fire zones to be bypassed.
  • Zones are automatically unbypassed when the system is disarmed.

1. (Security Code) + 6 BYPASS + zone numbers (see below)
Enter the 2-digit zone number(s) for the zone(s) to be bypassed (e.g., 06, 10, 13, etc.). Single digit zone numbers must be preceded by a zero (e.g. 05, 06).

2. When finished, the keypad will momentarily display a “Bypass” message for each bypassed zone number.
Wait for all bypassed zones to be displayed. Arm the system as usual. When armed, the arming message is displayed with “ZONE BYPASSED.” To display bypassed zones prior to arming, enter your security code and press the [6] BYPASS key.

How to Add a Security Code

How to Assign User Codes and Attributes

The following lists the various command strings for adding user codes and attributes.

Add User Code:

Master code + [8] + user no. + new user’s code

The Keypad beeps once to confirm that new user was added.

How to Delete a Security Code

Delete User Code: System/Partition Master code + [8] + [user no.] + [#] [0]

The user code and all attributes* programmed for this user number, including any associated RF keys, are erased from the system.

System Details

Ademco Vista 10,15 & 20 Series

  • Honeywell
  • Residential