How to Bypass a Zone on a Vista Series Alarm Panel

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How to Bypass a Zone on a Vista Series Alarm Panel

There may be times you may want to bypass a zone within your security system. For example, in the event that you may want to sleep with the window open or you are having problems with a door, you would need to bypass the zone that contains that window or door to continue to arm your system.

Follow the steps below to bypass a zone:

  1. Figure out what zone number you are wanting to bypass. You can refer to the list that can commonly found on your keypad or if you leave the area, such as a window, open when you try to arm the system, it will tell you which zone is open by displaying a two digit zone number on the keypad.
  2. To bypass this zone, enter your four digit zone, the number 6, and the two digit zone number. For example: If you are wanting to bypass zone 02, you would enter your four digit code, then the number 6, then the number 02.
  3. The keypad will then beep at you.
  4. The ready light will then appear and let you know that you that the system can now be armed.
  5. You can now arm your system with your four digit code and the number 2.
  6. Once you disarm the system again, the bypass will be reset and the system will resume normal operations.

Please note that all zones can be bypassed except fire zones.

Here is a detailed example:

I have one zone on my alarm system which a miniature door used for demonstration purposes. In order to arm my system, I must have a green ready light displaying on the keypad or the keypad needs to say, “Ready to Arm.”

If I wanted to arm the alarm system with the door in the open position, then I am going to need to bypass the door. 

So to bypass a zone, I need to know the zone number of the device I want to bypass.

There should be a list of your zones with zone numbers on your keypad lid. Some keypads will actually display a zone number with a descriptor directly on the display screen.

So to begin, I open my miniature door that I want to bypass. After I open my door, my keypad will no longer be ready to arm.

So now if I press the star button on the keypad, it will show the zone number of the open device, which in this example, is my miniature door.

The keypad shows me the number 01 to indicate that zone 01 is open. So now I know that 01 is the zone number for the door.

So, I enter my 4 digit code, the number 6, plus 01 to bypass my door.

Now I will have a ready light on my keypad even though my door is open.

Once you get the ready light, you then can arm your alarm system.

Important tips to remember:

  1. Once you disarm your alarm system, your device will automatically un-bypass itself.
  2. If you have a problem zone that you are needing to bypass, you will need to complete the bypass procedure each time before arming.
  3. Most devices can be bypassed except fire alarm devices. If you are experiencing a problem with a smoke detector, you will not be able to bypass it.

If you have questions or concerns concerning bypassing zones, please feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to assist you with your system.