Changing Your System Battery

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Changing Your System Battery

A. Changing the Battery on the Vista Series Panel

  1. When your battery is low, you will receive a beeping notification on your keypad to alert you that your system battery is low.
  2. After receiving the notification, locate your the tan colored alarm box that is normally located in a closet in your home. The box may have lock on it, but some boxes have two screws on the side that hold it shut. If you have a lock on the box, there should be a key located on the top.
  3. Open the box up and you will see a battery about the size of a motorcycle battery, a 12 volt battery with two wire leads connected to it. One positive wire and one negative wire.
  4. Unhook the old battery and set aside.
  5. Place the new battery, which can be purchased from Alert Alarms, in the box and connect the red wire to the red side of the battery and connect the black wire to the black side of the battery.
  6. Shut the panel lid and the lock box. Then, replace the key back on top of the alarm box.
  7. Reset your panel by disarming it twice. If BAT still displays on your keypad, it should go away within 24 hours.

B. Honeywell Lynx Touch Series Panel

  1. The battery for this panel is actually built into the keypad. When the system has low battery, it will notify of the low battery.
  2. In order to change the battery, you will need a small Phillips screwdriver, which can be found at any local hardware store.
  3. To gain access to the battery, locate the panel. The panel has two tabs on the top that need to be depressed while applying outward pressure to open. The keypad will start beeping at you, but you can press any key to silence it.
  4. Once you open the keypad, you will see your system battery that plugs directly into the circuit board.
  5. There is a mounting bracket that holds the battery in place and you will need your screwdriver to remove this bracket.
  6. Put in the new battery and reattach the battery mounting bracket.
  7. Plug your battery back into the circuit board. There are two connection points on the circuit board, but your new battery will only fit in one of the connection points.
  8. After connecting the battery, make sure the wires are in place and close the panel lid.
  9. Make sure the cover lid is shut all the way.
  10. After securing the lid, you will need to reset the panel by pressing the unlock button and entering your code.
  11. After resetting your panel, your keypad should be ready.

If your panel is different than the two listed above, please contact us at Alert Alarms and we can assist you in changing your battery.