Changing Batteries on Honeywell Alarm Devices

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Changing Batteries on Honeywell Alarm Devices

A. Changing a 5816 Door/Window Switch

    1. When your device battery is low, your keypad will begin to beep to notify you that the device’s battery is low.
    2. After locating the device, use a flat blade screwdriver to open the device. Mot often the most difficult part of changing batteries is removing the cover.
    3. The 5816 Wireless contact will have an arrow on the cover pointing towards the tab. You will need to depress the tab with the screwdriver to allow the cover to come off.
    4. Remove the old battery, which is a lithium CR123 Battery.
    5. Put the new battery in, making sure your positive and negative sides are correctly lined up.
    6. There is a tamper switch on the device that will indicate trouble on your keypad if the cover is not put correctly.
    7. To put the cover back on, hook the hinge side and push to close, making sure the cover snaps back in place.
    8. Your device battery should now be changed.
    9. After changing the batteries on your alarm devices, you will need to disarm your alarm system twice.

B. Changing a Honeywell Wireless Motion Detector

  1. First locate your motion detector. This device will likely be mounted in a corner on the wall of your home.
  2. Locate the slot at the bottom of the device and push your screwdriver into the slot to open the device. The base of the detector will remain on the wall and the front will be removed.
  3. This device uses a lithium CR123 battery. Remove the old battery and discard.
  4. Replace the old battery with a new battery.
  5. Make sure to align the positive and negative sides of the battery correctly.
  6. To reconnect the front side of the motion detector, hook the hinge side and push down until it snaps shut.
  7. After placing the front side of the motion detector back on the base, go to the keypad and disarm the system twice to clear any troubles.

C. Honeywell Wireless Smoke Detector

  1. Locate your smoke detector, which is typically mounted on the ceiling, however, there are some that may be located on the wall.
  2. To remove the smoke detector from the base, simply turn the smoke detector counterclockwise until it is removed from the base.
  3. Remove the old battery, a CR123 battery, and place a new battery in the detector, remembering to align the positive and negative sides.
  4. Once the battery is in, push the smoke detector back into the base and turn clockwise until you feel the device latch.
  5. After you have reattached your smoke detector to the base, you will need to reset your alarm panel again by disarming it twice.

D. Honeywell Wireless Glass Break Detector

  1. Locate the wireless glass break detector, usually locate on the wall or the ceiling.
  2. Use a screwdriver to open the device.
  3. There is a small tab located the near the microphone hole. Place the screwdriver in the table and turn with a bit of pressure to open.
  4. Remove the old battery, a CR123 Lithium battery. Some of the older models of wireless glass break detectors have two batteries inside them.
  5. Make sure the positive and negative sides of the battery are properly aligned inside the detector.
  6. Push the lid closed on the detector until you hear the snap.
  7. After placing the lid back on the detector, go your keypad and disarm the system twice to rest the alarm system.

E. 5818 Wireless Door/Window Switch 

  1. These are more difficult to locate because they are recessed into a hole in your door jam. The only part that will be visible is the front cover of the device.
  2. Open the door to locate the device.
  3. Insert a screwdriver into the cover lid and turn counterclockwise to remove.
  4. The circuit board will come out and you will be able to see the battery, which a triple A battery.
  5. Remove the old battery and replace with new battery.
  6. Place the circuit board back in the holder and put the cover lid back on.
  7. Line the cover lid up with the slots and turn clockwise to lock the lid back in place.
  8. Disarm your keypad twice to reset your alarm system.

These are the five most common wireless devices. Some devices you own may also have key fobs that also have batteries in them. You may follow the above instructions to remove and change the batteries as the procedure will be similar.

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