Is Your Home Ready for Cold Weather?

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Fall Reminders

With the fall weather in full force, it is time for some fall maintenance around your home! Here are some great fall reminders on how to keep your home safe and working efficiently in the cooler weather.

15 Ways to Prepare your Home for Cold Weather

  1. Clean out and repair gutters
  2. Drain and disconnect outside faucets and put up garden hoses.
  3. Replace filters in heat and air units
  4. Test your smoke detectors not connected to your security system.
  5. Check on any air leaks around the house.
  6. Reverse ceiling fans.
  7. Close any vents in the basement or crawl space.
  8. Add insulation to needed areas.
  9. Bring any plants or shrubs inside
  10. Clean chimneys
  11. Fill propane bottles
  12. Purchase some wood and deicer in preparation of inclement weather.
  13. Winterize your sprinkler system
  14. Winterize your ponds and pools
  15. Winterize your lawn mowers

If you are interested in a more expansive list of fall reminders, check out for more tips and videos on how to get your home cold weather ready.

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