Fire Protection

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Fire Protection

How Can I Protect My Home from Fires?

Fires can start incredibly fast and can only take minutes to spread throughout the entire house. To protect your family and your home, it is essential to install fire protection within your home to eliminate potential fires within the home and stop fires before they spread.

What can Alert Alarm Offer?

Smoke Detectors

It is code for a smoke detector to be installed inside and outside of every living quarter or bedroom. Smoke detectors are invaluable to saving your home, family, and possessions. There are just too many things that an insurance check cannot replace, therefore, it is essential to catch a fire before it spreads. This can save homes and lives.

For fire protection with Alert Alarms, our smoke detectors are designed to be tied to your system. They are battery operated and detect smoke. Once smoke is detected, your security is notified and the fire department is dispatched. These simple steps can save your home.

Fire Fighter

Did you know it is code for all smoke detectors to go off on the same time? For homes with older smoke detectors, an economical fix is to install a device called the Fire Fighter. The Fire Fighter mounts by any of your smoke detectors and listens for the specific tone of the smoke detectors. When it senses this specific tone, it signals all the smoke detectors to go off at the same time. The Fire Fighter is very economical for most homes and is essential for keeping your home safe.

Heat Detectors

To prevent false alarms, smoke detectors are not commonly installed in places of common every day smoke such as burnt bacon or in areas containing high volumes of dust. In these areas, a better fire protection device is a heat detector. These devices sense heat instead of smoke. These devices are triggered to go off when the temperature at the ceiling level reaches 135 degrees or the temperature of the room is raised by 15 degrees in one minute. Like a smoke detector, the heat detector alerts the security system and the fire department in dispatched.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide detectors generate an alarm when dangerous gases are detected. This can be useful when you are away from the home. Your system will alert you that your home is unsafe to enter. This can save lives as well as the lives of your pets who may be left home alone in a dangerous gas.

Fire Protection devices can save lives and valuables, but also your bank account! Check with your home insurance company for discounts provided for installing fire protection throughout your house.

If you are interested in installing fire protection within your home or if you have any questions, please call us at 800-467-0996 and we would be happy to help you!