Can I Use My Smartphone On My Security System?

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One of our most frequently asked questions is can I operate my security system with my smart phone and what can it do?

Alert Alarms uses Honeywell equipment, which is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers for security systems and the current systems we sell all integrate with your smart phone.

Our systems integrate with an app called Total Connect that is from Honeywell, which is priced at $5 a month. Some of its many features include arming and disarming your system remotely and text notifications.

The text message notification feature is such a great resource, especially for those who have kids or own a business. When your kids are coming home from school, the system will notify you when they come home and that the system has been disarmed. This allows for peace of mind to know that your child has made it safely to your home.

It also is great for businesses as the notification, not only lets you know when the system has been disarmed, but also by whom. This will allow you to easily know if someone is where they shouldn’t be after hours. This feature is also commonly used to notify the owner or manager when the business is being opened in the morning.

Another great feature of Total Connect in the automation side that allows you to connect some incredible products to your Total Connect App.

Here are some Home Automation products that Alert Alarms uses to customize your security system:

  • Door Lock– The door lock replaces your traditional dead bolt with a key pad/dead bolt system that pairs with your security system and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. This door lock system allows you to lock the front door remotely with your own four digit code. If you need to let an individual into your home, but you do not want to give them a code, you can simply use your app to unlock or lock the door remotely. You also are given the option of giving someone an unique four digit code and are simply notified when the code is used and then again when that individual leaves the home.

We offer three ways to control your lights remotely.

  • Z-Wave Light Switch One way to automate your lights is to replace the light switch itself. Alert Alarms would come in and replace your existing light switch and install a Z-Wave compatible light switch. This light switch then could be controlled remotely from your security system or smart device.
  • Lamp Modules– These products are modules that plug into a outlet and are able to control lamps and small appliances from your smart phone just like the Z- Wave light switches.
  • Z- Wave Lightbulbs– These bulbs are light bulbs that have Z- Wave system built into them so that individual light can be controlled remotely.

These products allow you to set up “scenes”. A scene is a series of triggered events as a result of something starting. A scene could look like the second you enter your four digit code on the front door, your front door is unlocked, your security system is disarmed, particular lights turn on, and your thermostat adjusts to your preferred temperature. Scenes allow you to customize your smart systems to provide a variety of experiences. A common scene is a fire protection scene, which is triggered when the fire alarms goes off. This scene triggers your lights to come on and guide you outside of the house. The possibilities are endless for the different types of scenes you can create for your home or your business.

Water Control– Floods are the biggest insurances losses in America. They are expensive and hard to clean up. We have a water detection device that is installed at any source of water and notifies you when it detects standing water. You can pair this with our water shut off device that when the water detection devices detect water, not only are you notified, but your main water is shut off to prevent any further water damage.

Door Contact This is a small device that monitors movement on doors. This can be used to check on elderly loved ones to make sure they are moving through the house ok. These products are applied on doors and refrigerators using a simple adhesive back and are tracked on your smart phone.

If you have any questions or would like to see what Alert Alarms can do for your home or business, give us a call at (800) 467-0996.

Keep checking back with us to learn more great features of our products as well as tips and tricks to keep your family, home, and business safe.