How Can I Tell If an Elder Loved One Has Taken Their Medicine?

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As our parents and other loved ones get older, we all worry about what their future will look like. Will they need to move in with

one of us? Will we need to place them in a nursing home or assisted living facility? How much longer will they be able to live independently?

At Alert Alarm, we know that these concerns can be stressful, and we’re here to help.

Like Roger explained in the video, we have a couple of great options to put your mind at ease while your loved one continues to live independently.

First, the wearable Panic Button is an amazingly simple way to ensure that your loved one will be one touch away from help when they need it. When their button is activated, it will alert our control center, and what happens next is up to you, whether that be a neighbor coming to check on them, 911 being dispatched, or something in between. With you in control of what happens after they push that button, you can rest easy that help is only a click away.

Panic SC

Secondly, we are so proud of our new medication system. This device comes equipped with 28 slots complete with alarms that can only be deactivated by removing the medication from the device and alerts that immediately go out to you via call or text once that medication has been taken. This device is incredibly easy to use and will give you the security that your loved one is staying healthy from the comfort of their home.

Med Disp

We hope that these options will help lower your stress and concerns for your loved ones living independently, at your home while you’re away, or any other living situation that best fits their needs. We would love to help you through this process and get your family set up to thrive.

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Good morning,

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I’d like to welcome everybody to alert alarm systems. Today we’re going to talk about how to take care of

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elderly parents or elder elderly relatives.

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I myself have got a got a father that lives by himself need to try and make sure that he takes care of his medicine and and does what he needs to. There’s a couple different things that we offer. The first one is I’m going to talk about is a medical pendant panic that a hold up you see these on TV simply press and hold for about two or three seconds this sense of silence signal to our central monitoring station and allows our operators to handle this situation. However you want to if you want us to call 911 and get a an ambulance on the way we can. Or if it’s somebody that lives close to you and you feel more comfortable getting the phone call yourself and going over walking next door down the street and checking on that person we can do that those can be handled however you want to. It’s an inexpensive, nice way to help them feel comfortable at home and help you feel comfortable knowing that there’s no issues somebody falling down getting hurt not being able to get to delve owner or take care of themselves.

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The other thing is something that we kind of made up ourselves and this is is really neat it’s it’s a pill dispenser. This is something that you can you can find online it has 28 slots in it so you can have up to 28 days of medicine or if you take it three times a day obviously then you’re not going to get 28 days out of it it’s got multiple alarms on here so you can set the alarms for for example three times a day if we’ve got somebody that’s taking medicine at 10 o’clock three o’clock and nine o’clock in the evening this little rotating wheel inside here will rotate

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an alarm will go off a sounder all go off the light will flash the medicine comes out here the alarm will continue to sound until somebody physically picks it up and turns it upside down to to take their medicine you can find these online what we’ve done is added an extra device to it that’s it tilts with

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this allows you

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by not living with the person to get a text message when they do take their medicine. So again, back to that same example if I’ve got a father and uncle somebody a loved one that I know is needing to take medicine three times a day. And I know that their schedule is 10 o’clock in the morning, three o’clock in the afternoon. And nine o’clock in the evening. I get a text message. As soon as this is turned upside down and their pills are dispensed it comes across my phone. And I know that they’ve taken the dosage the way that they’re supposed to when they’re supposed to. If they don’t, I’ll give them a few minutes and pick up the phone and call and say, Hey, Dad, Uncle Bob, whoever that may be, I noticed you didn’t take your medicine is everything. Okay? need to make sure we check it. So that is a super inexpensive way to help you keep loved ones out of a out of a facility and make sure that they’re taken the equipment that they’re supposed to. or I’m sorry, the pills that they’re supposed to super easy between the two of these. If you’ve got somebody that’s that’s borderline living on their own, you can rest knowing that they’re they’re setting the alarm at night, you know, they’re moving through the house, you know that they haven’t fallen. If they did, we would be getting a message and they’re taking their medicine you can’t ask for more freedom as an older person wanting to take care of yourself. And you can’t ask to give any more freedom as a child or a nephew or whoever you are trying to take care of that loved one and let them have the freedom that they want and let you rest easy and not knowing that they’re doing what they needed to. So we’re going to post these videos online on Facebook Live. If you have any questions or comments you can reach us at alert alarm systems at 1-800-467-0996 and I’ll be happy to answer any questions regarding these are any other products that we have. Again, my name is Roger Jones, and we look forward to business with you guys.